Monorail Commuter Bundle

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The Monorail Commuter Bundle gives you everything you need for a two-car monorail train and 6′ of raised track including two 90-degree turns, at a prices more than 10% off the individual kit prices.

Hermes Class Monorail Car × 2

The Hermes Class Monorail Car features working opening doors, acrylic detailing, swivelling track mounts, with a fully playable interior and flight stand mounts in case you want to use it without the track system!

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Monorail Commuter Seating × 2

The Monorail Commuter Seating kit contains enough seats to outfit 1 Hermes Class Monorail Car. They can be glued in or left removable for ease of play.

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Monorail Autonomous Control Unit

These Autonomous Control Unit can be be slipped over the end on your Hermes Class Monorail Car to make it a lead driving car.

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Monorail Curved Sections

This kit contains two curved lengths of Monorail track. Each section allows you to have a 90 degree corner in your track.

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Monorail Straight Sections

This Monorail Straight Sections kit contains four 12-inch lengths of Monorail track, allowing you to lay out enough track for a 4 foot long table.

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Plasteel Support Pillars × 3

These Support Pillars are used to raise you Monorail tracks, walkways and platforms off the table to add multi-level gaming.

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This bundle allows you to build your own commuter Monorail track layout and train, at more than 10% savings over individual kit prices!

This bundle includes two Hermes Class Monorail Cars complete with seating throughout and autonomous control units for the front and back of the train.

The monorail track included (4 straight sections and 2 curved sections) is just over 6′ in total length. It includes two 90-degree turns to snake around the other terrain on your table. There are also enough support pillars to raise the entire length of the track.

Monorail Commuter Bundle Contents:

Note: This is not a toy. It contains small parts and is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Kits supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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