Moto.tronica Scenery Pack

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The Moto.tronica Scenery Pack includes ready-to-play card scenery for the Infinity game.

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The Moto.tronica Scenery Pack includes ready-to-play card scenery for the Infinity game. Originally released as part of the Operation: Icestorm two player battle pack, this scenery is now also available separately.

The four buildings, six containers and game mat can be transported flat-packed. They can then can all be assembled within five minutes to create your playing area, and even flattened again once you’re done if you wish. The buildings have even been designed so that the boxes Infinity miniatures come in and fit neatly inside to reinforce them for extra sturdiness.

The theme of the Moto.tronica Scenery Pack depicts a Moto.tronica weapon research/production facility. Moto.tronica are a company that provides PanOceania with weaponry, so it provides a perfect backdrop to an Infinity game. However, the scenery is not so specific that it couldn’t represent any industrial environment within Infinity (or any other sci-fi game).

Note: No miniatures are included with this product.


  • 2x Main Management Module buildings
  • 2x Power Hub buildings
  • 6x Cargo Containers (in three different designs)
  • 1x Gaming Mat (24 x 34 inches)
  • 1x Assembly Instruction Sheet.

Shiny Games says about the Moto.tronica Scenery Pack

This is a great, practical scenery set at a fantastic price! This gives you a good density of terrain for Infinity over the area of the gaming mat. The size is perfect for small engagements, like those it was used for in Operation: Icestorm. Multiple gaming mats from several packs could be used together to create a much bigger playing area.

The only way they could have improved this scenery pack is if the gaming mat was slightly larger, so it was 2′ x 3′ rather than just a little shorter; the short edge is actually a little less than 24 inches in practice. Still, these are affordable enough that buying an additional set or two to cover a 4′ square table is well within almost-all budgets.


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Weight 243 g
Dimensions 304 × 240 × 12 mm


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