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There are rumours of a mechanical contraption that roams around the fields outside the small communities of the Mälaren Islands. At the same time, flyers asking for information on lost pets are increasing on the bulletin board outside the grocery store. On TV, the weatherman speaks of “random storm gusts” – and hasn’t there been severely bad weather the past few nights?

This is the beginning of a series of mysteries that lead the children out into the wilderness of The Loop and down into its secret tunnels. But what does this all have to do with the long-awaited summer camp, the magnetrine ship Susi Talvi, and the 1969 moon landing?

This 124-page full-colour hardback module to the multiple award-winning Tales from the Loop roleplaying game includes:

  • The Animal Ark. Where in the Kids investigate a missing pet and end up in a very strange storm.
  • Summer Camp. Summer break is finally here, and the Kids are sent to summer camp. But playing and swimming quickly turn to heart-racing terror and confusion when the children wake up in a completely different summer – in another time.
  • The Storm in the Hourglass. Curious exploration leads the Kids beyond the cordon, to unstable bubbles of time and space, whose origins lie somewhere in the depths of the Gravitron.
  • Classified. A new mystery landscape, full of hooks and intriguing characters.
  • The Mystery Machine. Create new mysteries, or take a look at your growing adventure landscape via an all-encompassing scenario and character generator.
  • Mix-CD of Mysteries. Eight short mysteries based on hit songs from the ‘90s.

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1 review for Out of Time Campaign Book

  1. Byron Chatzis (verified owner)

    Free League have done a fantastic job in my opinion with this series.

    Just like in ‘Our Friends the Machines’, this book boasts beautiful, high quality paper.

    This book contains a 3 part adventure, including a solid chapter on the background of the adventure. In addition, there is also a section on creating your own mysteries or developing adventures further. There are also lots of tables to help this process further.

    Great product!

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