Ridend Starter Set

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A Relics Starter Set for the Ridend faction containing 11 Models and 3 counters.

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Designed as the entry point into Relics, the Ridend Starter Set provides the perfect introduction to the game. It contains enough models to give the player two units – Archers and Kopolop Knights – and a leader, the Baron. The faction starters provide enough to learn the rules yet leave plenty of space for you to expand and explore the faction.


  • 1x Baron
  • 6x Archers
  • 4x Kopolop Knights
  • 7x 30mm Bases
  • 4x 40mm Bases
  • 3x Counters (Damage, Rule and Shaken)

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about the Ridend Starter Set

The Ridend Starter Set is the perfect way to get into the Relics game  if playing chivalrous, heavily-armoured goblin knights riding chickens appeals to you! This set includes a unit of four knights (riding the aforementioned chicken-like Kapolops) and six archers for ranged support.  The noble-looking Baron is also included to lead them into battle!

You can get the latest 2nd Edition Rules for free from the Tor Gaming Downloads page.

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