Shipwright Specialisation Deck for Engineers

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The Shipwright Specialisation Deck for Engineers in the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG gives players easy access to talent information during play.

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Shipwrights turn efficiency and pragmatism into an art. Vehicles and starships are some of the most expensive and resource-intensive equipment in the galaxy, and a smart Shipwright strives to get every last drop of efficiency from them. Bring out the full potential of your Shipwright with the Shipwright Specialisation Deck for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying game. Each Age of Rebellion Specialisation Deck includes twenty cards detailing the talents of a specialisation. But these are more than just quick reference cards for the gaming table; the Shipwright Specialisation Deck features thematic art on every card to help bring the Star Wars galaxy to life.


  • 2 Cover cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
  • 20 Standard sized talent cards

Note: This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook is required to play.

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Dimensions 126 × 86 × 22 mm


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