Southern Militia Squad


The Southern Militia Squad pack contains 4 Gears (2 Asps, a Salamander and Street Viper) for Heavy Gear Blitz, including additional weapons.

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The Southern Militia Squad represents an economic garrison unit rather than the best frontline military Gears. The two Asps are light trooper Gears, although they have the best armour of the squad. You can also upgrade one to a Gunner (with a Light Autocannon) or Brawler (with Panzerfaust) version. The Light Rifle-armed Street Viper is principally a Police Gear, although it can be upgraded to a Riotmaster with Panzerfaust and a Frag Cannon. Also a Police Gear, the Salamander usually carries a Medium Autocannon and underslung back-up weapon, with a Chain Weapon for melee. The Hunter variant however loses the close combat abilities in return for a Heavy Rifle for longer range sniping.

All four Gear models are pewter in 1/144 scale and come with a plastic hex base.

Southern Militia Squad Contents:

  • 2x Asp Heavy Gears with standard weapons (HMG and LHG)
  • 1x Salamander with standard weapons (MAC, LFL and MCW)
  • 1x Street Viper with standard weapons (LRF and LVB)
  • 4x Hex Bases
  • 4x Additional weapons (Light Autocannon, Medium Frag Cannon, Heavy Rifle, Medium Panzerfaust)

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 122 g
Dimensions 140 × 92 × 33 mm



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