Tarot Card Sleeves

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Tarot Card Sleeves for large game cards such as ship cards in Star Wars: Armada.

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The Tarot Card Sleeves pack includes 50 clear sleeves. These are of the Tarot Board Game size (2 2 3/4″ x 4 3/4″ or 70mm x 120mm); the FFG colour code for these is clear sleeves is Orange. They are made from acid-free 100 micron polypropylene plastic and contain no PVC.

Examples of games with cards that this sleeve will fit include: Star Wars: Armada, Elder Sign, Infiltration, Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation Deluxe Edition and many others.

Shiny Games says about Tarot Card Sleeves

While there and many games these large-sized card protection cleaves are useful for, the main thing we use them for are the large capital ship cards in Star Wars: Armada. Those ship cards are so large and precious; they are definitely in more danger from table-side drinks and greasy fingers than they are from the enemy fleet. So let your ships go down fighting in battle, not crushed beneath a pint of Hobgoblin Gold!

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