Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook (Revised Edition)

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The Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook (Revised Edition) takes you on grim and glorious roleplaying adventures in the Gilead System of Warhammer 40,000.

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The Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook is everything you need to roleplay grim and glorious adventures in the Gilead System.

The sinister schemes of the Chaos Gods have shattered the galaxy. The Great Rift tore through space and reality, pushing mortal life to the precipice of oblivion. The Gilead System has lost contact with the vast Imperium, trapped in the silent darkness. As the shadows of extinction loom, hope fades but is not yet entirely extinguished.

Rallied by the Rogue Trader Jakel Varonius, a disparate group are dedicated to doing what must be done to keep the Gilead System from being consumed by the darkness. Can they resist the machinations of Chaos as well as the plots of those who see the rift as an opportunity to further their own power?

Time is running out in the 41st Millennium. This accursed age needs heroes more than ever before. Will you answer the call?

What is the Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook?

Wrath & Glory is the story of the Gilead System, eight Imperial worlds cut off from the Emperor’s light by the Great Rift. The new Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook focuses on the Gilead System, allowing you to tell your own stories in a society beset by daemonic invasion and internal corruption.

The Factions Chapter is a primer on life in the 41st Millennium, detailing each of the organisations vying for supremacy in the Warp-torn Gilead System. Here you’ll find expanded background options for every Faction, each of which provides a bonus during play.

The Archetypes you know and love now all have an easy-to-read, single-page format. All requirements have been removed, and extra bonuses have been added to complement the slight changes to Wrath & Glory from the previous core rulebook. The Attribute, Skill, and Talent suggestions are ideal for guiding new players through making a character. They can also be used for building quick NPCs on the fly.

What has Changed in the Revised Edition?

There has been streamlining in Character Creation, with a focus on frameworks. With so many choices of who and what to play, you’ll want to decide the focus of your game early!

The Wrath & Glory Talent list has been massively expanded into an entire chapter for a greater range of character customisation. Some of these are classic Warhammer fare we know and love; from tearing through armour, proficiency with blazing promethium, to, of course, MORE DAKKA!

There are other choices for investigative or social-based games. Talents like Conversational Cogitator bring the focus back to roleplaying. You can use the augmetics of your mechanised mind to calculate the best response in any conversation.

Once you’ve survived a few adventures, you’ll have gathered some Experience Points (XP). The new Advancement chapter has overhauled the Ascension system. You can now change Archetypes, take new Ascension Packages, or just spend your XP on cool stuff. The system is both robust and flexible to suit any group.

Cubicle 7 have reviewed, edited and playtested the essential Rules. The writers have presented them with a focus on clarity and quick understanding. Very little has changed bar a few simplifications, which will mean you’re using the book less and your imagination more.

Combat is around every corner in the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium. We’ve gone through all the errata for Wrath & Glory, taking the same approach as with the Rules. There are few changes to combat, just some simplifications and clarifications. There are also some cool new optional rules, including an entirely new Stealth system.

Note: This revised edition replaces the original Wrath and Glory Core Rules.

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