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Shiny Games and COVID-19 – March Update

With so much uncertainty at the moment, and different circumstances from place to place, we thought it was about time we posted an update on COVID-19 and the current status of Shiny Games.

TLDR: We are all currently fine here at Shiny Games. We, our supplier and delivery services are working normally. We’ll keep you updated if that changes.

Our small staff at Shiny Games are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic situation very seriously. We’re only going out when absolutely necessary and being extremely careful when we do. The risk of infection from postal deliveries is thought to be very slight but all the same we’re being extremely careful around the packing and dispatch of your orders.

Obviously we are just one stage in the process that gets you your games and books. We rely on our suppliers to restock us, and every indication is what they will continue as normal. They too are taking appropriate measures given the current circumstances. We also rely on delivery companies, principally Royal Mail and DHL, too. From the information they have made available everything seems well in hand, although it’s reasonable to expect some delays will occur moving forwards.

So, from your perspective, everything at Shiny Games is business as usual. Our deliveries are going out as frequently as they have in the past, and we’re not having any issues restocking. If any of this changes then we’ll let you know. The only slight change for some of you who live nearby and have picked up your orders from us previously; this won’t be possible for the foreseeable future.

So that’s how things are here at the minute with Shiny Games and COVID-19. We will keep you updated on any changes that occur. We hope everyone is staying safe, heeding the warnings and making the most of any self-isolation time.

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