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European Union delivery update for July 2021

The situation with shipping orders to the European Union hasn’t been great in the first half of 2021; I’m afraid the news going forwards isn’t getting any better. The new IOSS system coming into effect from July had the potential to return things to normal. However, it’s become apparent that joining this scheme is not feasible for a company of our size.

Our main courier is also removing the option to send to Europe DDP (Delivered Duty Paid). While this wasn’t a good general solution to European shipping it was very useful in certain circumstances; now this will no longer be possible.

The Future

While we’re not going to stop accepting orders from Europe, we understand and appreciate that for most of our European customers the import costs and uncertainty make this an unappealing option. You are most welcome to continue to shop with us, but please be aware you will be charged import taxes and admin fees appropriate to your country at customs. Please take this into consideration before placing an order. We will do what we can to minimise the costs we do have control over. If you want to discuss your options with us you can always get in touch at

For product lines that we distribute, such as Heavy Gear and Jovian Wars, we are currently talking to European retailers so that you will have EU-based places to purchase from as soon as possible. Watch this space!

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