Badlands Homestead Shed


The Badlands Homestead Shed is a piece of scenery for Heavy Gear.

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The Badlands Homestead Shed pack contains a resin shed piece representing a storage or workshop outbuilding for Terra Novan settlements. The model is 21mm tall and 50mm in width.

Living in the Badlands

Sculpted by harsh desert winds, the shifting dunes and rocky outcroppings of the Badlands are an awe-inspiring sight. Solitary predators glide across the cloudless blue sky, constantly seeking their next meal. Small animals scurry over and under the sand and burrow into rocky crevasses to escape the oppressive heat. Sturdy shrubs and stubby desert plants amass what little moisture they can. So great is the Badlands austere beauty and solitude that many major religious and philosophical figures in Terranovan history have made pilgrimages to the desert sands to challenge their faith and to continue with nature at her wildest.

Eking out a living in this dry wasteland is consequently an extremely difficult task. Homesteaders face nomadic raiders, predatory life forms, desert tempests and finally the dreaded corrosive white sand. Water is always in short supply and always hard to come by. And yet despite this, numerous small cities dot this barren landscape, symbols of humanitys will to survive.


  • 1x Badlands Homestead Shed

Note: Model supplied unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 110 × 60 × 30 mm



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