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The Heavy Gear Drones Pack contains 3 Ovni, 3 Fire Egg and 3 Wasp Drones.

The drones are 1/144 scale, as standard for Heavy Gear. The Ovni drones are 9mm tall, the Fire Egg are 10mm tall and the Wasp drones are 23mm tall. These are used by several Heavy Gear Blitz armies as Recon Drones, Demo Drones, and Hunter-Killer Drones.

All militaries use Recon drones provide backup recon capability to their forces. Typically attached to advancing units, they provide a means to designate high-value targets for elements behind the lines. Often referred to as Gear pets by pilots, some sport the colours of a particular Gear unit, dueling stable or rally team.

Demolition drones are often fatalistic in their personality programming. Inattentive Gear pilot They often recognise them too late and many grizzled pilots bear the scars caused by the massive explosions.

Ground pounding infantry view Hunter Killer Drones with a particular hatred; Gear pilots with an attached drone can expect a lot of negative attention.


  • Ovni Recon drones x3
  • Fire Egg Demolition drones x3
  • Wasp Hunter-Killer x3

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those picture

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Weight 30 g
Dimensions 140 × 94 × 33 mm



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