Black Talon Decals & Terra Nova Factions Decals


The Black Talon & Terra Nova Factions Decals Pack are decals for Black Talon and other faction models.

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This Black Talon & Terra Nova Factions Decals Pack is a sheet of waterslide decals for vehicles and Gear models. It contains Black Talon decals, as well as decals for other leagues on Terra Nova. These additional decal designs will make this perfect for sub-list generals as well as Black Talon commanders.

In addition to Black Talon Decals, this pack contains decals for the following sub-factions:

  • Northern Lights Confederacy (NLC)
  • United Mercantile Federation (UMF)
  • Western Frontier Protectorate (WFP)
  • Southern Republic (SRA)
  • Mekong Dominion (MK)
  • Eastern Sun Emirates (ESE)
  • Humanist Alliance (HAPF)
  • Leagueless
  • Badlands


  • 1x Black Talons Decals Sheet (which also includes other Terra Nova factions)

Note: Contents may vary from those pictured.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 140 × 70 × 1 mm


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