Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha

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With Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha you can expand your options when creating an Army List started with the Combined Army Shasvastii Action Pack.

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With Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the collection you started with the Combined Army: Shasvastii Action Pack.

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Jayth Cutthroats, Shasvastii Independent Assault Group

The planets in Jayth’s system are characterized by their strong gravity and mineral wealth. So, following the standard Shasvastii colonial protocol, the Shasvastii expedition that arrived there adapted their physiology to the environment, making themselves sturdier and bulkier, and established a series of small mining colonies on the main planet, Jayth-1. The only obstacle they found was a local species of dangerous and very territorial burrowing creatures, the Taigha, which could at any emerge from out of nowhere in the Shasvastii’s subterranean cities or mining facilities with catastrophic consequences.

However, the Shasvastii colonists from Jayth soon learned how to fight them and became tunnel warfare experts in the process. This way the colonies, even though separated from the rest of the Continuum, prospered while they waited for the Support and Colonial Liaison Fleet, the Shasvastii race’s security mechanism for all their remote system colonies. Unfortunately, the Jayth system was part of the Norasa Slavers’ route, who fell upon the unprepared colonies like birds of prey. Incapable of repelling a full Norasa fleet, the Jayth Shasvastii were enslaved and many of them carried far away to be sold, both for their exceptional physical qualities and for their special aptitudes for mining in strong gravity environments.

For more than thirty years they withstood the brutal Norasa regime, until, led by Shivaush—a charismatic rebel leader—the Jaythians rose up in arms, fighting a fierce and bloody guerrilla war within the tunnels and corridors of Jayth’s subterranean cities. For more than fifteen years, these rebels, known as Cutthroats, kept their oppressors in check, until the arrival of the Support and Colonial Liaison Fleet. With the fleet’s help they managed to bring down the horrible slaver regime.

However, after so many years of war, many of those Jaythian Cutthroats only knew killing and fighting, tasks in which they excelled thanks to their hardy constitution and tenacity forged over years in a war against an absolutely merciless enemy. The naval command of the Support Fleet, impressed by the physical characteristics of the Jaythians, unheard of among the Shasvastii, quickly offered them a place on their ship-boarding and assault teams.

Unfortunately, the Cutthroats have not been able to adapt to the discipline of the Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces. They remain as an independent assault team recruited solely from Jayth miners, used to risking their lives against the Taigha. Either as naval boarding or assault teams, the cutthroats make a distinct unit, one with their own rules and traditions. Their customs originate from the hard mining environment they come from, such as the “Pit Patrols” with tamed Taighas. Their guerrilla-fighter background has established their gruesome custom of finishing off their enemies by cutting their throats.

Tensho Experts

As Shasvastii civilisation suffered a great cataclysm that almost led to extinction, it is logical they developed emergency management mechanisms. The Tensho Experts are one of the most visible elements of the so-called Denavashii, or General Survival Plan. Denavashii is a disaster planning and management program developed during the turbulent epoch following the great tragedy of Shasvastii.

Originally, the Tensho were a special civilian corps of experts in disaster management. Their function was organising and coordinating relief and rescue efforts at the tactical level in the event of a disaster. In Shasvastii society, the Tensho are considered authority figures; they are identified by the Kushii, a cranial device for multispectral communication and advanced logistics management with a comlog link. The presence and quantity of these experts is determined according to the population density of each Shasvastii settlement. However, the proliferation of military colonies would force the Expeditionary Forces to assimilate members of this corps; these Tensho receive military instruction to operate with the regular troops.

Like their civilian counterparts, the Tensho of the Expeditionary Forces wear a Kushii. The veterans are authorised to personalise theirs. However, in combat, all of them prefer to camouflage their Kushii to avoid attracting the attention of enemy snipers; wise advice from a survival specialist.

Noctifers: Special Tactical Dominance Wing

Noctifers have sophisticated devices for hiding, along with a varied collection of mid-range and long-distance weapons. Their preference for nighttime activities is why they have received this code name from human troops. Moving around like invisible demons, these creatures have been created to be stealthy and cruel. They are always willing to use the dirtiest, most disgraceful tricks necessary to win a battle.

Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha Contents:

  • Tensho (Boarding Shotgun)
  • Jayth Cutthroats (Chain Rifle)
  • Noctifer (Spitfire)

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Corvus Belli recommends their miniatures for ages 14 and over.

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