Creatures of the Galaxy Adversary Deck

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The Creatures of the Galaxy Adversary Deck provides game statistics and a short description of 20 creatures you might meet on convenient cards.

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As civilisation spread across the stars, it has encountered all manner of beasts. Some creatures have been adopted and domesticated by sentient civilisation, be they beloved pets, beasts of burden, or fierce defenders. Other creatures are far too savage, and these monsters plague the settlements throughout the galaxy. No matter where your Star Wars Roleplaying campaign leads you, the Creatures of the Galaxy Adversary Deck allows you to enhance your settings with different creatures that might be native to the environment. The Rancor, the Wampa, and the Nexu – they’re all in there. There’s also a number of beasts your characters might hope to train as mounts or companions.

Whether your characters encounter them in combat or other situations, the twenty different creatures from this Adversary Deck all come to life with functional stats, evocative descriptions, and full-color artwork. And because you can find all this information on each creature card, your Creatures of the Galaxy Adversary Deck can save you valuable time that you might have spent thumbing through your rulebooks while your characters were trekking through the wilds of alien worlds.


  • 20x Adversary Cards
  • 1x Instruction Card
  • 1x Product Description & Credits Card

Note: This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, or Force and Destiny is required to play.

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