Emerald Empire – Essential Guide to Rokugan

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Learn of the intricacies of Rokugan with the Emerald Empire Source Book for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game!

The Emerald Empire is vast and as varied as the seven Great Clans that control its lands. They do so in the name of the Hantei Emperor, its society is modelled after the Heavens themselves. Its culture steeped in tradition, it is a land where decorum and propriety carry the weight of life and death. It is a land where spirits shape the very earth and control the flow of rivers and streams.

Emerald Empire explores the places and people of Rokugan, from small villages of fisherfolk to mighty daimyō in their castles, to deep primordial forests and the spirits that dwell within. This book examines every aspect of life in the Empire; from food, through dress, to religion and spirituality, and matters of etiquette great and small.

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Emerald Empire divides into seven distinct sections. Six of these focus on aspects of society or geography found throughout Rokugan; the seventh introduces new player options for characters. Rokugan is a vast land; to detail every town and valley, every tradition and social role, is beyond the scope of any single volume. However, Emerald Empire will give a wealth of in-depth information on a great variety of these locations and traditions.

Each chapter of the book features a wide swathe of knowledge, examining not only an aspect of Rokugan, but how those aspects came to be. In addition, you’ll find plenty to learn about specific landmarks throughout the realm, as well as various maps, rumours, adventure hooks, and stats for famed characters, giving Game Masters everything they need to craft a complete Emerald Empire.

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