The Expanse Roleplaying Game

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The Expanse Roleplaying Game brings James S.A. Corey’s award-winning series of science fiction novels to the tabletop. Green Ronin use their Adventure Game Engine (AGE) rules that power Fantasy AGE, Blue Rose, and Modern AGE RPGs. The Expanse takes players to a far-future solar system where humanity is divided; Earth and Mars teeter at the brink of interplanetary war. Exploited by the Inner Planets, the Belt and Outer Planets simmer with discontent. Amid growing tension and turmoil, the secret discovery of ancient, alien forces at work in the solar system threatens to alter the course of human history forever.

Filled with action and intrigue, The Expanse Roleplaying Game uses the fast-playing AGE system. You may have read the novels or seen the amazing TV series (check it out on IMDB); now assemble a crew of Earthers, Martians and Belters. Strap in and get ready to go full burn towards adventure!

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