Hired Guns Black Adder & Hunter Commando Pack


The Hired Guns Black Adder & Hunter Commando Pack includes two Duelist Gear miniatures and an assortment of weapon options.

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This kit includes Hired Guns Duelist Gear miniatures of the Black Adder (Torvas) and the Hunter Commando (Bowser) usable for Heavy Gear Arena or Heavy Gear Blitz! The kit includes a range of extra weapons.

Aleizander Torvas was a member of the AST’s infamous Legion Noire special forces and later Duelist of the MILICIA’s 11th HG Regiment, the Rapiers. Like many Legion veterans, Torvas felt that he shouldn’t be held accountable for his actions; after all, the Republic had trained him as an amoral killer. When he was court-martialed for his actions during the revolt in Basal, his Legion friends helped him escape to the Badlands. Now he chooses to fight in the arena, where he is known for killing more opponents than any other.

Bowser is probably Terra Nova’s first truly sentient Heavy Gear. He left the CNCS of his own accord and headed into the Badlands, where he ran out of fuel and started to rust. Sadie Toepfer, a mechanic’s daughter, found him and restored him to working order. The two formed a strong bond, and now Sadie pilots Bowser in the arena – with help from him, of course.


  • 1x Aleizander Torvas’ Black Adder
  • 1x Bowser, Hunter Commando
  • 2x Hex Bases
  • An assortment of additional weapon options

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

Additional information

Weight 90 g
Dimensions 142 × 93 × 33 mm



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