Infinity: Quantronic Heat

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A cyber threat in the Human Sphere.

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Quantronic Heat: Amid the glittering, skyscraper-studded city block arcologies of Neoterra the backbiting industrial espionage of the hypercorps has finally boiled over into open violence and murder.

…or has it?

Bureau Noir agents are called in to investigate the shocking corporate raid. They quickly discover there’s a deeper conspiracy in play. A terrorist splinter group pursues a mysterious scheme of quantronic brinkmanship which threatens the entire Human Sphere.

Quantronic Heat contains three interlinked scenarios:

Part 1: Conception. Unravel the puzzling enigmas surrounding the disappearance of Dr Morgan Hart among the quantronic corridors and rain-slicked streets of Neoterra.

Part 2: On Your Marks. Dive into the underground Remote racing circuit and seize control of a Remote while competing on the dangerous courses of the Sol Series.

Part 3. Birth Pangs. In the stunning, action-packed finale of Quantronic Heat, pursue the terrorists back to their frozen Svalarheiman base in a planet-wide investigation of epic scale!

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