Numenera Character Sheets

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A character sheet is a character sheet–right? Not if it’s the Numenera character sheet!

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The Numenera character sheets are as intriguing and beautiful as the game itself. This pad of double-sided character sheets is printed in full color on heavy matte paper that’s both pencil- and eraser-friendly. With 50 character sheets on the pad, your whole party is covered for an entire campaign—and then some!

The cover for this product also includes a handy character creation walkthrough on the inside.

Shiny Games says about the Numenera Character Sheets

A high quality character sheet can give you a really good feeling about the character in front of you. At £9.50 a pad, that works out as 19 pence per sheet; isn’t your character worth spoiling for 19 pence? Aren’t all the great ideas you’ve put into that character worth something special to write them on? Of course they are.

Check out this unboxing video from Monte Cook Games if you’re still undecided:

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