PanOceania Support Pack

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This pack is a great complement to the PanOceanian force in Operation Kaldstrom. It’s also recommended for Infinity CodeOne forces.

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The PanOceania Support Pack contains models that are useful to brace your other forces, whether they are regulars or elite. Machinists are always ready to make repairs on the spot and keep all those killing machines running. Meanwhile, the work of a Trauma-Doc takes a keen intellect, quick reflexes and a healthy dose of pluck to walk into a bullet-filled hell and breathe life back into your comrades.

This box includes four miniatures: one Machinist, one Trauma-Doc and two PalBots, all of them completely renovated. This box is a great complement to the PanOceanian force of Operation Kaldstrom. It’s also a recommended product for Infinity CodeOne.

PanOceania Support Pack Contents:

  • Machinist
  • Trauma-doc
  • 2 Palbots

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Corvus Belli recommends their miniatures for ages 14 and over.

Additional information

Weight 95 g
Dimensions 170 × 120 × 44 mm



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