Sentry Specialisation Deck for Sentinels

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The Sentry Specialisation Deck for Sentinels in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG gives players easy access to talent information during play.

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The Sentry stands guard between the innocent and those who would do them harm. Bring out the full potential of your Sentry during their vigil with the Sentry Specialisation Deck for the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game. Each Force and Destiny Specialisation Deck includes twenty cards detailing the talents of a specialisation. But these are more than just quick reference cards for the gaming table; the Sentry Specialisation Deck features thematic art on every card to help bring the Star Wars galaxy to life.

Sentries stalk the shadows of the galactic underworld, stalwart protectors of the helpless. To the oppressor, a Sentry is a mysterious and implacable foe who resists with unorthodox methods. Sentries carefully balance their surgical use of fear and aggression with the duty to protect others; they therefore quite often must be aware of their accruing Conflict score. The Sentry specialisation features the potent Improved Reflect talent which allows the Sentry to take advantage of careless ranged attacks made by enemies to turn them back on her foes. Fear the Shadows harnesses the Deception skill to inject panic into the minds of enemies, causing them to abandon the fight completely.


  • 2 Cover cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
  • 20 Standard sized talent cards

Note: This is not a standalone product. A copy of the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook is required to play.

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