Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set

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Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set is a boxed set designed to introduce new players to the roleplaying game set in the Loop, as seen in the new TV series.

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The Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set contains everything needed to introduce new players to the game in one box. It has a cover featuring key art by Simon Stålenhag, made specifically for the TV series. Inside, it contains everything players need to step into the world of the Loop.

“As the robot thundered across the rye field towards the police van I realized a line had been crossed, and that it had been crossed many hours earlier that day. Maybe it happened when we broke into the warehouse down at Sätuna, when Olof found that strange backpack. Strange that I didn’t realize it then – when Olof slipped his hand into the big glove and the Thing under the tarp came to life. Or did it happen even earlier, when we ran away from home before lunch? Summer days are so full of events, it’s hard to remember how they all fit together.”

Begin your adventures in the 80s that never was of Tales from the Loop with this great starter set.

Tales from the Loop Starter Set Contents:

  • An illustrated rulebook
  • A complete Mystery, The Recycled Boy
  • Five pre-generated characters ready to play
  • A large, full-colour map of land of the Loop
  • Ten engraved custom dice.

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Dimensions 280 × 220 × 60 mm

1 review for Tales from the Loop RPG Starter Set

  1. Byron Chatzis (verified owner)

    4 stars for this pretty fantastic product.

    Comprehensive rules pamphlet that outlines a pretty unique system for a pretty unique setting. Very simple but with massive scope for roleplay. I’m excited to get my teeth into this system.

    The map that comes with this starter set is fantastic quality, having both Loops on either side – giving the option of which surrounding area to explore.

    The dice are decent quality. I think for the price the dice and the map alone make up the value for this, but that depends on how much weight you put on peripherals.

    I’ve docked a star here which may be a bit unfair as this is likely just as much a pro as it is a con. The pregen characters and the included scenario are very much intertwined. This makes for very engaging starting adventure, but does mean there’s a bit of rigidity (which I know is kind of the purpose of starter sets).

    Overall this is a great product and I highly recommend it.

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