Unlimited Power

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A Sourcebook for Mystics in Star Wars: Force and Destiny.

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A Mystic’s goal is to be an ally and partner to the Force, never its master. By allowing the Force to flow through them, the they are able to unlock unlimited potential and discover their destiny in the galaxy. Unlimited Power, a sourcebook for Mystic characters in the Star Wars: Force and Destiny roleplaying game, expands the options available to Mystics in the core rulebook and gives Game Masters new opportunities to tie characters even more deeply to the mysterious energy that binds the galaxy together.

Players will find everything necessary to craft a Mystic character in this full-colour handbook. Firstly, this includes new Mystic specialisations – the Alchemist, Magus and Prophet. You can also discover new weapons, armour, gear, equipment, vehicles and starships that are either tied to the Force directly or frequently used by Mystics and their fellow adventurers.


  • Thoughts on how to better involve Mystic PCs in your campaign.
  • Three new Mystic specialisations: Alchemist, Magus and Prophet.
  • New playable Species tuned into the Force.
  • New Force powers and the ancient practice of alchemy.
  • Weapons and equipment tuned to the Force such as focuses, the Heartwood Blaster and Walking Stick Hilt Disguise.
  • Additional vehicles and starships that a Mystic might find useful.
  • Finally, information on exploring the deeper mysteries of the Force within your campaign setting.

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