Vulcania Map Pack


The Vulcania Map Pack includes 2 double-sided A3 tactical maps and an A2 tactical map with a Vulcania world map on the other side.

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The Vulcania Map Pack is the ideal accessory if you want to use miniatures or tokens to keep track of combat encounters. Firstly, it includes the A2-sized Vulcania world map, with an airship tactical map printed on the back. Yes, this is the same map we’re currently including with all rulebooks; but don’t you want one to hang on your wall and another to use as the airship tactical map? It makes a perfect mobile base for the player characters; or, if they’re not so lucky, then it’s an ideal target for them to attack and board!

In addition, the pack includes two double-sided A3 tactical maps; these give you a total of four more fantastic locations to set combat encounters. There’s a garage, complete with steampunk car; there’s what could be a workshop, or cellar room; one map is a train carriage, a perfect location for an exciting conflict; finally, there’s an airborne gantry, perhaps part of a larger airship, with a fighter-sized airship promising a means of escape.

Each of the five tactical maps is marked out in squares, perfect for use with either the markers from the Vulcania Token Pack or 25-32mm miniatures.

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