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Knights of Dice Scenery in the UK

The preorder for Knights of Dice scenery ended on Wednesday 24th February 2016. You can still get Knights of Dice Buildings from Shiny Games, and several new lines have been added since this article was written. Look at the webstore’s Knights of Dice Category to find out more Some out-of-date pricing information has been removed from the listings in this blog post, but the text remains unchanged.

If you haven’t seen Knights of Dice scenery then it’s worth checking out. Made from MDF with plastic and card components, they have some really impressive buildings to choose from. There’s a great range of American-style buildings called Sentry City, with a cool early-mid 20th Century feel. As if those weren’t enough, the accompanying Chinatown range will make your miniatures feel like they’ve stepped onto the set of Big Trouble in Little China.

Knights of Dice Chinatown cityscape

Their Sentry City Accessories will help bring either set of scenery or any other you have to life. As well as the essentials of a modern urban adventurescape or battlefield (crates and dumpsters) there are great subway entrances and telephone booths that fit with their theme perfectly.

Sentry City cityscape

Very different to these previous ranges, their new Tabula Rasa buildings have got a lot of people talking. As the name (meaning “blank slate”) suggests, these buildings are ‘shells’ and not intended as finished buildings. They are the basis for you to craft your own scenic buildings in the style of your choice, a building shell which you can adapt to suit your preferred genre or period.

Tabula Rasa buildings

Order these Knights of Dice buildings now!

Knights of Dice are an Australian company and while they plan to distribute their products to UK retailers in the future until now you could only get them by ordering from Australia. Shiny Games is therefore going straight to the source to make these wonderful buildings available in the UK as soon as possible.

We are about to make our first order for Knights of Dice Scenery and get it shipped to the UK, so if you want some of this great scenery now is the time! These products are available for preorder in our web store so you can be amongst the first to get these buildings in the UK.

No need to worry about international shipping or customs charges, we’ll take care of that and offer you these buildings at the same price as the Australian RRP. If you preorder buildings from this range then they should be with you by the end of February and all for a great price!

While we intend these products to be available at Shiny Games for a long time to come, we can’t guarantee that we can bring these half way around the world and keep the same prices as Australian retailers. Therefore, to guarantee low prices you must preorder.

Take a look at the buildings in each of these collections via the links in the list below or the Knights of Dice product category.

Sentry City Chinatown

Sentry City Accessories

Sentry City Buildings

Tabula Rasa


The preorder for Knights of Dice scenery ends on Wednesday 24th February. If you wish to get hold of these wonderful buildings at the preorder prices please place your order before the end of Wednesday.