Baxter Engineering Tank


This pack contains a northern Baxter Engineering Tank, usable by multiple Terra Novan factions to repair other armoured combat units.

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The new Baxter Engineering Tank pack for the Northern Faction makes one Baxter plus extra parts including tarps, boxes and a canister. The Baxter answers a need for a dedicated battlefield “towtruck” capable of salvaging the heaviest Main Battle Tank.

The Baxter is based on the chassis of the Klemm, the most common light battle tank in the Norlight army. In this case, however, they have extensively modified and strengthened the chassis for its new role. The engine and transmission have both been replaced by more powerful systems for an increased towing capacity.

The turret is a new high torque model that carries a sturdy crane capable of lifting nearly 50 tons with the tank appropriately braced. A hydraulically activated earthmoving blade attaches to the front of the hull for filling in ditches and digging earthworks. Attachment points for digging cannons are provided on both sides of the hull, which also features numerous handles and tie-down rings.

The Northern Guard engineering companies attached to mechanized units always have at least one Baxter in service, more if they can manage to get them. Comanders typically keep Baxters out of the way during battles due to their unarmed nature.

The Baxter Engineering Tank is amongst the first fully 3D printed resin miniature releases printed by Dream Pod 9 using their new 8K 3d printers. Joe Whitlock 3D modelled it along with the other new Klemm models for Dream Pod 9. The parts come packed in a ziplock bag inside a black box with colour product sheet on the front.

Baxter Engineering Tanks  are not just available to the Northern faction. In addition, the South, Peace River, NuCoal, Leagueless and Black Talon factions can take them.

Baxter Engineering Tank Pack Contents:

  • Baxter Klemm tank model
  • Additional decorative parts such as tarps, boxes, canister, jerry cans, and a track section.

Note: Model supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured. Decals not included.

Additional information

Weight 43 g
Dimensions 140 × 92 × 23 mm



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