GREL Infantry (2 Squads & 1 Team)


The GREL Infantry pack includes 16 GREL infantry; enough for 2 squads and 1 team.

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The GREL Infantry pack is designed around the current edition rules (July 2016). A typical squad is represented by 6 to 8 Infantry miniatures on a 40mm round base and a Team’s by 2 infantry miniatures on a hex base; this pack has 16  GREL individual infantry – enough models for 2 Squads and 1 Team.


The Genetically Recombined Experimental Legionnaire, or GREL for short, is a subspecies of homo sapiens designed and grown by the New Earth Commonwealth for use in subjugating Earths former colonies. These make up the vanguard of the Colonial Expeditionary Force; they regularly overpowered and controlled any colony who did not abide by the wishes of the homeworld.

These soldiers are physically different than humans – standing over 7ft tall and typically having a purplish skin completion. They were markedly stronger, faster and more agile than a baseline human. Each GREL is bred for a specific role, as one of the designed “classes”. They would therefore generally never deviate from that role of their own accord. Said to be the perfect soldier, a GREL has little will of his/her own. The CEF maintains strict control over them with breeding control (all GREL are sterile…except for extremely rare cases) and hypnotherapy (brainwashing).


  • 2x Jan GRELs
  • 6x Mordred pose 1
  • 6x Mordred pose 2
  • 2x Morgana
  • 2x Round 40mm base
  • 1x Hex base

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 133 × 70 × 33 mm



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