Mekton – Operation Rimfire

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The only thing colder than space is the human heart.

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Operation Rimfire: It started out as a long range mission to explore the reaches of the distant Algol star-system. But by the bitter end of the saga, a mechanised death cult and a brave cadre of mechajocks would be plunged into a war no one could win. Operation Rimfire is a complete anime campaign in the style of a real TV show.


  • 10 fully-detailed Player Characters with colour illustrations and model sheets.
  • Over 40 NPCs with full visual representations.
  • Full breakdowns on all the Mektons involved.
  • 22 action-packed episodes linked into the first-ever Mekton series.
  • Set drawings and maps for all major locations.

Note: Operation Rimfire was written for the previous version of the Mekton RPG, Mekton II, but the character and mecha stats can be converted to Mekton Zeta with a minimum of fuss.

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