Shasvastii Nox Troops

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A box of 4 Shasvastii Nox Troops for the Combined Army faction of Infinity. They include a Snpier, HMG and a Spec-ops model with alternate weaponry.

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Shasvastii Nox Troops prefer the night because it facilitates their work: causing chaos and sowing fear. They are stealthy like the night breeze, and their bright, cold eyes reflect no compassion. They are called Nox because they represent the darkness that hovers over the enemies of the Shasvastii race.

This Nox Troops box includes four miniatures: one Nox with HMG, one Nox with MULTI Sniper Rifle, one Nox with Submachine gun and one Nox Spec-Ops with Spitfire, and an alternative arm with Combi Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher. These models are a vital addition to your Shasvastii Army from the Operation Wildfire Battle Pack.

Shasvastii Nox Troops Contents:

  • Nox Trooper with MULTI Sniper Rifle
  • Submachinegun-armed Nox Trooper
  • Infinity Spec-ops Nox Trooper armed with a Spitfire
  • HMG-armed Nox Trooper
  • In addition, an alternative Nox Spec-ops armament of a Combi Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Contents may vary from those pictured.

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