Yennefer – Sorceress Supreme Dice Set

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The Yennefer – Sorceress Supreme Dice Set contains a set of 7 polyhedral dice in navy & turquoise plus a coin inspired by the Sorceress.

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Unmatched power. Inspired by The Witcher, Q-Workshop dedicated the Sorceress Supreme Dice Set to Yennefer of Vengerberg — a powerful sorceress. The set contains 8 pieces; 7 polyhedral dice painted in the image of a starry night sky with turquoise engravings, and a metal coin featuring Yennefer’s depiction, which acts as a D2. The highest value faces and coin reverse share imagery with Yen’s pendant.

Please note that while these dice are thematically perfect for The Witcher RPG and we have chosen to list them for that game, this set contains a wide range of dice which can be used for any roleplaying game using ‘normal roleplaying dice’. The awesome system R Talsorian have created for The Witcher uses only two types of dice, D10s and D6s; this means you’ll regularly be using less than half of them for this game and might even be wishing you had an extra D6 or two. We think you’ll probably get more use out of them in the long run this way; however, we want to clearly state that Q-Workshop have not hand-picked the dice in this set for this game.

This Witcher Dice Set is officially licensed by CD PROJEKT RED.

Yennefer – Sorceress Supreme Dice Set Contents:

  • Metal Coin (D2)
  • 7 polyhedral dice painted like a starry night sky with turquoise engraving (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 and D00)

Note: This product is a hobby item, not a toy. Contents may vary from those pictured. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

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