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Shiny Games: Year Eight

October 27th is Shiny Games’ anniversary, so it’s time for another ‘state of the company’ post. It’s mixed news and big changes this year, so I’ll try and keep this clear and to the point. Finally, we’ve got details of our Shiny Day sale to tempt you into celebrating with us.

The Bottom Line

Until now, we’ve always been looking to expand year on year, to do more things with more games. Unfortunately, the reality just can’t keep up with our plans.

This year it’s become clear Shiny Games needs to scale back significantly in order to continue doing what’s most important to us—making our favourite games available across the UK and Europe. Changes have to be made to keep the core business running. Big changes.

We’ve decided to focus exclusively on our core games and product lines, where we are distrbuting them ourselves or have a great direct relationship with the creators and publishers.

What’s Staying

Our distribution of Dream Pod 9 games and products isn’t changing. We hope to also be able to increase the product lines that we distribute in the future too.

We’ll also continue to sell those products to customers, along with our other core games. These are:

What’s Changing

Beyond the product lines listed above, we will no longer be restocking our webstore, nor getting in any new releases. We have plenty of existing stock remaining, so we still offer a wide range of RPGs and other games, but these will diminish over time.

What’ll be Better

With more time to spend on the core products we love, we can do more to support them in the community and through other retailers. We have lots of ideas and see lots of opportunities, but first we need to get things running on an even keel.

We’re sad to be reducing the scope of our store, but ultimately we believe this will allow us to offer the best service to our customers and provide support where we can do the most good.

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Ultimately, Shiny Games is here to get you the gaming products you want and need, and eight years of doing so deserves a celebration. So here’s a selection of great products at even better prices to celebrate with.

We’ll be adding more products to the sale each day, so keep checking back for more great deals.