Antares Game Dice Pack

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This pack contains all of the polyhedral dice you need to make rolls in Gates of Antares.

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The Antares Game Dice Pack contains all of the polyhedral dice you need to determine the outcome of in-game events such as Shooting and Command checks.

The ten D10 dice come in three different colours, allowing you to roll to hit for all a squad’s weapons at the same time and use different colours to designate each. This pack includes the same collection of dice that come with the Gates of Antares Starter Set.


  • 1x D6
  • 7x Red D10
  • 1x Black D10
  • 2x Blue D10
  • 1x D3
  • 1x D4

Note: Contents may vary from those pictured.

Shiny Games says about the Antares Game Dice Pack

This pack contains the dice you need to roll during a game of Gates of Antares, the same as you would get in the Starter Set. The six-sided dice is a square cornered one; these often don’t seem to roll as well as ones with rounded corners, but it does the job.

The most notable inclusion in this set is the D3 – the first time we’ve seen an actual three-sided dice in a game! This rolls pretty well, and will no doubt see use in plenty of other games too.

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 144 × 95 × 28 mm


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