Edge of the Empire Game Master’s Kit

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A GM Kit for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game including a GMs screen with handy information right at your fingertips and a complete adventure.

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Keep your Star Wars roleplaying campaign focused on the action with the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Game Master’s Kit. The GM Kit includes a GM screen that keeps a host of useful pieces of information right at the GM’s fingertips during gaming sessions. It also provides useful information about using the game’s nemesis system in your campaigns, and it includes complete adventure for a Game Master to carry their players beyond the events of the adventure featured in the Core Rulebook.


  • A helpful GM screen that keeps your Star Wars adventures focused on the action.
  • Additional information for the Game Master to help them create worthy adversaries for their players.
  • A complete adventure.

Shiny Games says about the Edge of the Empire Game Master’s Kit

This is a great addition to the Core Rulebook to get a Game Master started on running their games. As well as the useful screen with handy tables and reference material, this includes a great adventure to run. It’s easy to slot into an existing campaign and fairly straightforward for novices to run; that doesn’t mean it’s too easy for veteran GMs or players however, and it should provide a surprise and challenge for groups of all experience levels.

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1 review for Edge of the Empire Game Master’s Kit

  1. italargen (verified owner)

    Extremely handy reference for a DM to keep the pace of a game session moving. It provides a very quick reference for all core mechanics, dice results and their effects, and the various different contexts (skill checks/vehicle combat/etc).

    The art and print quality of the thick card stock is also very striking, overall a must have for any Game Master.

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