Neon Lotus Scenery Pack

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The Neon Lotus Scenery Pack includes ready-to-play card scenery for the Infinity game.

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The Neon Lotus Scenery Pack is the scenery pack that was included in the Operation: Red Veil Army Pack. It has now been released separately so you can buy it without Red Veil. You may also wish to get additional packs to cover a full 4 by 4 board area.

This set includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings, two walkways, and six service pods), and a game mat too.

Neon Lotus: the Yu Jing’s Martian R&R orbital with a vibe of a place of fun that you never want to leave.”
Extract from “Living over a planet. The great orbitals of the Human Sphere”, an article by Gisèle Tubiana for GLAMerade, the perfect mix of style and information!


  • 4x Buildings
  • 2x Walkways
  • 6x Service Pods
  • 1x Game Mat

Shiny Games says about the Neon Lotus Scenery Pack

The latest scenery pack for Infinity from Corvus Belli is possibly the best yet. While similar to the previous three packs in many ways, this one is not just cosmetically different to the Moto.tronica pack as the previous two have been. The  service pods are a very different shape to the cargo containers of previous packs, and the walkways between buildings add an extra dimension to games played with this scenery.

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Weight 320 g
Dimensions 304 × 240 × 12 mm


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