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Fantasy Flight/Asmodee Price Rises from Feb

We’ve had notification from our main supplier that the prices and RRPs (Recommended Retail Prices) on some Asmodee/Fantasy Flight games will increase from 1st February 2022.

For recent products, this is mostly to bring existing products in line with recent price rises for newer releases, so it’s not another price rise on top of recent price rises. Still, for older books these changes are quite significant; for the Star Wars RPG books, for example, the rise to RRP will be £8-9 per book!

Welcome to Ambushtown by Matt Bradbury

How this affects Shiny Customers

Firstly, let’s be clear that at Shiny Games we’re not going to be increasing the price of anything we currently have in stock. We didn’t pay the new price for these products, so you shouldn’t have to either. The only prices we’re currently increasing is the price of the two preorders marked below. We don’t know when these will be coming out so it’s likely we’ll be paying the increased price on these. It also means that early preorderers will have got an even better deal than usual! For everything else, we’ll have to increase our prices once we get in new stock at the new higher prices. Edit: Our suppliers have confirmed that the price will not go up for the preorders already placed by us, so we have reduced the price of the two new Marvel Champions sets back to pre-rise levels while stocks last.

What we will say is if there are Star Wars RPG, Genesys RPG or Mice and Mystics games that you want to get hold of, make sure you do it in January. The new Edge Studio reprints of Star Wars and Genesys can’t be too far off now, so make sure you get the older books at the better prices. Although the prices we’ve seen for the new reprints aren’t as high as these ones, they’ll almost certainly be raised to the same level before release.

Please note that the list below includes only the games we we carry at Shiny Games, along with their new RRPs (not Shiny prices). There are increases for some other Asmodee games too. If you have any questions, drop us an email or chase us up on Twitter. Otherwise, if there’s nothing on this list you’re missing then Happy Gaming!

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG

Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG

Star Wars RPGs

Genesys RPG

Marvel Champions

Mice and Mystics

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